Paddy comes from an extended Caribbean family with roots in St. Barth’s, St. Thomas and Guadeloupe. This heritage is where she has drawn her inspiration since she was a young girl. As a long-time, formally trained oil painter, in the past few years, Paddy started to paint with more frequency in acrylics and a new abstract style took shape—resulting in a fresh, innovative genre of work that has quickly gained recognition and acclaim. Rich in both texture and layers, Paddy uses found objects and materials like sand, driftwood and other substances, combined with a variety of harmonious color palates to create her art. With depth, imagination and mystery, each piece unfolds in a rhythm unto its own, while revealing a magical glimpse of her inner psyche and her soul.

"I paint to celebrate life and my hope is to reveal the deep connections we all have through what we see and touch. This is the way I can communicate visual stories about the positive, divine, creative and universal nature we all share".  -- PADDY COHN

Paddy’s artwork has been shown in galleries and exhibitions from the Caribbean to New York City, including a recent exhibition, "Art After Dark", which featured some of the hottest artists from around the country. Her oversized abstract and Caribbean inspired pieces are collected, commissioned and displayed in many corporate and private collections.

"Creativity is in my bones; it’s what makes me happy. My most satisfying moments have come to me while working at a canvas. I let memories, objects, texture and color inspire me and lead me in a direction. I love to express and share my individuality because it makes me so appreciative for the many experiences and people that have shaped my life and made me the person I am today".