Paddy Cohn is a classically trained figurative oil painter turned mixed media abstract artist. Her ancestry, including extended family from St. Barths, St. Thomas and Guadeloupe, is a prominent part of her aesthetic. From an early age, Paddy used her family members as subjects to master her craft, using her Caribbean roots as a driving force behind her art. Even as her style evolves, the inspirations of her past remain eminent through her work.

A graduate of FIT, Paddy worked for a decade as a successful textile designer in NYC, while continuing to hone her skills in portraiture. In 1989, she went back to her roots, relocating from New York to St. Thomas to concentrate on her art. During this time, she started using objects like driftwood, sand, and other environmental textures, along with a harmonious color palette. This change in environment, along with the use of mixed media, resulted in a new expressionistic style.

Returning to New York, Paddy decided to depart from her traditional realistic style and move into abstracts. Her work still depicts the Caribbean inspiration once seen her portraits and seascapes, but now translates through shape, form, color and texture.

Creativity is in my bones; it’s what makes me happy. My most satisfying moments have come to me while working at a canvas. I let memories, objects, texture and color inspire me and lead me in a direction. I love to express and share my individuality because it makes me so appreciative for the many experiences and people that have shaped my life and made me the person I am today.

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